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I really, really love the smell! Love the product and was excited to be able to find a natural and organic sunscreen that works!

Erin P.

I spent all morning at the ball field in this heat and now I’m home and I can still smell the deodorant (👏🏼woohoo!!!). The scent is so light and nice!

Allison B.

The skin firming oil is my holy grail of skin care, I can’t survive without it!

Elizabeth R. 

Love the sunscreen. Absorbs much better than other comparable sunscreens on the market. Did not leave the ghostly white layer that is common with zinc oxide products. Enjoyed the scent as well.

Warren L.

This deodorant smells great and keeps me fresh all day in a busy job outdoors. Would recommend to anyone looking for a safe alternative to their daily aluminum stick.

Ben V.

Yesterday, my Pink Hippo deodorant was put to the test (outdoors for hours) and it worked great! I am already hooked!

Becky D.

Ok,so I’ve tried almost everything under the sun during my pregnancy to deal with the hormone induced sweating…nothing worked until THIS! Smells great and WORKS!

Abigail Y.

I have never found a natural deodorant that works (until now!)…I cannot believe how well this stuff works! Seriously I think it is miraculous!

Megan D.

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