Pink Hippo All Natural & Organic Deodorant Sandalwood


Just like our original formula, this all natural & organic deodorant goes on clear and is perfect for daily use. The light natural sandalwood scent is great for men and women. Our deodorant uses only safe ingredients to keep you dry and odor free all day long.Only the best ingredients make this a great first deodorant to introduce to kids and teens too!

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Pink Hippo Deodorant Fact Sheet

Pink Hippo Deodorant FAQ

Why use a natural & organic deodorant?

Conventional antiperspirants and deodorants prevent you from sweating by temporarily plugging our sweat glands. Minerals like aluminum salts, artificial fragrances, anti-bacterial agents and paraben preservatives are concerning ingredients found in many popular deodorants available today.

Key Features & Ingredients:
– Free of Aluminum, phthalate, paraben, tricloson, propylene glycol
– Arrowroot powder*: Absorbs moisture, keeps you feeling dry
– Non-Aluminum baking soda ( sodium bicarbonate): Helps neutralize body odors
– Virgin Coconut Oil*- Moisturizes the skin, provides anti bacterial protection
– Shea butter*: Moisturizes the skin, and is an anti inflammatory
– Beeswax*: Provides consistency, anti bacterial
– Vegetable glycerine: Binds ingredients together
– Vitamin E: Antioxidant
– Rosemary extract
– Lightly scented with sandalwood essential oil for a delicate, natural fragrance
* Certified Organic

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