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Pink Hippo Skincare is a family owned and operated company based out of Davidson, NC.

We were created by two dedicated chemists, whose interest in providing the highest quality products for their children and grandchildren led them to develop their first product, Pink Hippo Sunscreen. Upon extensive review, they were not pleased with the ingredient lists in many of the popular sunscreen products on store shelves. They sought out to provide a safer alternative, and Pink Hippo Sunscreen was born. And Pink Hippo Deodorant came shortly after. What will be next?!

Pink Hippo Skincare is dedicated to the highest quality all natural, safe and organic ingredients.

Family Owned & Operated

What's with the name?

Hippos have a natural protection against the sun and it’s PINK! Although we aren’t hippos, we are all natural too! These majestic creatures were our inspiration behind a line of products dedicated to supporting you while you explore the great outdoors. You go play, we’ll handle keeping you fresh and safe against the sun!

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